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  1. Bob Marley says

    cool site. Cheers for posting.

  2. Dotty says

    Great list. I've been into photography for years but still have so much to learn. These last few weeks I've had some major 'duh, I should have know that alread' moments. Like tripod whenever possible, remote (best $16 I've spent), and try out Brskceting/expoaure thing.

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    Cred ca am fost norocoasa pana acum, nu m-am impiedicat de prea multe greseli (sau nu le-am remarcat?). De ceea ce m-am impiedicat de multe ori au fost traducerile proaste. Pana sa imi dau seama "unde-i buba" am lasat balta multi autori.

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  15. Harrison says

    The district also demands administrators to administer an Alco-Sensor test to students upon admission to
    the dance.

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